What Is Article Syndication?

During the NAMS conference last week, I had a few conversations about Article Syndication. It was interesting to hear how different people approach it “post Google Panda”. Some gave up on article marketing and syndication all together, but most of us haven’t really changed our approach very much. I’ll share with you what I’m doing to publicize my various niche sites with articles.

But first, let’s talk about what article syndication is.

Definition of Syndication:

The process of distributing articles, stories, columns, photographs, comic strips, or other features for simultaneous publication in a number of web sites, newspapers or periodicals in different localities.

For article syndication this means that you write and submit an article with the purpose of having it published on other websites.

How To Syndicate Articles

Here’s a very simple process for syndicating your article:

Write the article –> Submit it to an article directory –> The article is published on other websites and blogs.

From there you can modify the process in several different ways:

Article Syndication and Google Panda

I’m sure you’ve heard people say that article marketing is dead since the Panda update. Ignore them please. Yes, some of the big article directories including Ezinearticles.com were hit pretty bad and are not getting the search engine traffic they used to get. And rightfully so.

Many of the articles on these directories weren’t written for the purpose of redistribution and syndication, but for SEO purposes. The only goal was to publish the article on a strong site (in this case the article directory) so that the article itself would rank and send traffic back to your own site and so you would get a strong incoming link to your site, helping it rank.

The end result was a lot of low quality articles being published to get those links. Since many of the articles were crap, they never got syndicated. When the article directories themselves lost their juice, many webmasters who used this quantity over quality approach started saying that article marketing is dead.

Here’s Why It Still Works!

Here’s the thing… article marketing and article syndication still work and they still work well. Writing and submitting quality articles is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website. The key is to write articles that others be proud to republish on their sites. Do that and you get the chance to put yourself and your online business in front of some big sites that can send a lot of traffic your way.

How To Get Started

I’ve been writing articles for quite a few different niches and am finding that different directories work better for different niches. Here’s my strategy for finding out what works best in a particular market.

Once you have that list, go ahead and distribute each of your articles to several of them. I like to rewrite titles to mix things up a bit and to make it easier to track which article was picked up from where.

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