The “Get More Targeted Traffic” Project

This past week I came up with a fun little project to drive more targeted traffic to my site and that of 5 other bloggers in my industry via guest blogging. You know I did a lot of guest blogging all through January and with that on my mind, I was constantly thinking of ways to tweak and improve my process to make the most out of each piece of content I was writing. That’s how I came up with this particular strategy that I want to share with you today.

Step 1 – Come up with 5 related guest blog post topics.

Step 2 – Find 5 blogs that are a good fit for your guest blog posts.

Step 3 – Write each post and submit it.

Step 4 – Once the posts are published, promote them via twitter, facebook, telling your list about it and writing a blog post about it like I am doing right now.

In fact, now is the perfect time to show you the 5 different guest blog posts. My overall theme was getting more targeted traffic.

How To Use Social Media To Get Targeted Traffic – Posted on by Shannon Cherry.

How To Use Blog Commenting and Forum Marketing to Get Targeted Traffic – Posted on by (you guessed it) Denise O’Berry

How To Use Guest Blogging To Get Targeted Traffic – Posted on by Denise Wakeman

How To Use Article Marketing To Get Targeted Traffic – Posted on  by Connie Green

How To Use SEO To Get Targeted Traffic – Posted on by Chris Cobb

Step 5 – Get your guest bloggers to promote your post.

Step 6 – Once you write a summary post like the one you are reading right now, as the bloggers to link to the new post at the end of each guest blog posts so interested readers can easily find the other blog posts in the series.

Step 7 – Combine the guest blog posts into a short report, being sure to mention each website that hosted on of your guest blog posts. Submit the short report via social media and report sharing websites like Send a copy to each blogger and see if they will help you spread the report as well.

You’ll see this last step in action on Friday.

P.S. Don’t forget to stop by Friday to see the short report. Or even better, sign up for regular blog updates to make sure you won’t miss it.

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