There’s an “Official Day” For Just About Anything…

Did you know that today is “I Love Yarn Day”? I didn’t either until about an hour or so ago. I’m a knitter and I love yarn. I was taking a break from work and came across some very pretty yarn… of course I ended up buying it. Then I bought a couple of cute patterns on sale. I was starting to wonder why today of all days, I came across all this “yarny” goodness when I read a forum post about today being “I Love Yarn Day” (along with a coupon offer for two more great patterns).

Why am I babbling on and on about knitting and yarn on an affiliate marketing blog? I have a point, I promise. If there can be a special day for buying yarn, there can be and “Official Day Of…” just about anything. Think about one of your niches. See if there is already an official day of (organizing your home, dog training, book reading etc.) If there is, plan some special mailings, content and promotions around the event. If there isn’t a  special day, week or even month yet, create your own.

It’s a great way to create some buzz and social media attention for your niche site and get your readers to buy. It sure worked for me with the yarn today.

P.S.: Now if I could just figure out a way to monetize my addiction to pretty yarn and knitting, I’d be all set…


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