Connecting, Expanding and Improving – NAMS 9 In Atlanta

I am at NAMS 9 in Atlanta and am having a great time. There’s lots to learn, lots of experiences to share and of course it’s nice to “talk shop” with others who get it. If you are here, please come say hi. I’d love to connect.

I’ll tell you a little about my experience here in a minute, but first…

… If you are not a part of the NAMS family yet, one of the best ways to get started is the My NAMS member area. There you can learn from all the different instructors that teach at the NAMS workshop, interact of the forums and learn about all things affiliate and internet marketing. You will also learn more about the live NAMS workshops that are held twice a year.

MyNams is the online community I wish had existed when I got started with online marketing and creating niche website. It would have saved me years of figuring out how to do this online thing and gotten me to the point I am today a lot faster. Through the end of the weekend, you can join MyNAMS for $19.95 per month. Sunday night, when NAMS 9 officially ends, the price goes back up to $47.

Back to the current conference though. I’m enjoying hanging out with my NAMS friends, connecting with new people and learning quite a bit in both private conversations and the many sessions going on this weekend.

Some of my biggest takeaways so far have come from Nicole Dean’s session on Passive Income. She focused on how to generate more income from your online business without improving traffic or conversions. I made lots of notes and am already tweaking and changing things on a few of my niche sites. Those small improvements will make a big difference to my bottom line over the course of the coming months and years. Some of them were very simple tips like utilizing error pages, and improving autoresponder messages, others where things I never thought of doing. Let’s just say I ended up with a huge to-do list from that one presentation alone.

I’ve also met some very interesting new people that I hadn’t had a chance to meet in person before. I’ll be telling you more about some of them in the coming weeks. Some of them are great connections for my niche sites like Natalie from, others I’m excited to learn from to build my business in the coming year.

NAMS is a wonderful way for me to connect and reconnect with colleagues, potential partners, figure out who I want to learn more from and of course expand my reach for

I wish you could have been here this weekend, I would have loved to connect in person. The next best thing is to join the MyNams community and get ready for NAMS 10 in August. Hope to see you on the inside.

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