I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself. I am happily married to a guy that “get’s” this affiliate and internet marketing thing and is making a full-time living with it himself (more on that in a second) and we have a beautiful 6-year old daughter who aready owns two blogs herself and makes about $20 a month with them.

I started looking into all kinds of “work from home” opportunities when I became pregnant with her. I went through direct sales stuff (I’m not social enough to make that work), MLM (annoyed the heck out of everyone I knew), read emails for cash, click links for cash etc.

Eventually I stumbled across internet marketing and set up my first website. I still own it though I haven’t done much with it in recent years. It still brings in a little income here and there (about $100 a month) and I’m planning to dive back into it one of these days. In case you’re curious that site is www.Kinderinfo.com.

The site is a mess, but it was a great learning experience. Fast forward about a year  and a few more websites and I was finally able to quit my day job. At the time I wasn’t quite making as much as my previous salary, but it was enough to allow us to get by for a while.

While I was learning more about running and promoting a website, I made some awesome friends and partnered with some of them on website projects. One of those friends is Christine Steendahl – The Menu Mom. Together we set up and still run a meal planning website that does pretty well for both of us. (Another great friend I made around the same time is Nicole Dean. I highly recommend you read her blog which can be found at NicoleonThenNet.com )

While looking for linkpartners for that site I stumbled upon a website called Hillbilly Housewife. I got to talking to the owner and ended up buying the site from her. I spent a good year improving the website and more than doubled the traffic to it. At this point it was just an affiliate site bringing in income through google adsense, clickbank products and amazon commissions. Even so this site alone was making as much as I used to make in my day job. Since I’ve grown my income on the site even further by adding my own products and of course continuing to grow the site.

I promised to tell you about my husband… once those affiliate checks started coming in more regularly and I was able to quit my day-job, he started to get interested in what I was doing. I helped him set up a few of his own sites and he’s been working from home full-time himself for over two years now.

Up until now he’s been my only “student”. For the longest time I didn’t want to write anything Internet and Affiliate Marketing related. There’s so much noise out there on the topic already and I didn’t feel I knew enough to make a useful contribution. Now I’m finally at the point where I feel like I have something of value to say and would love to start giving back to this awesome community.

Susanne Myers