The Article Marketing Challenge

My friend Connie Green is getting me in trouble – in a good way. Here’s how it all got started … Yesterday I got an email that Connie sent out to her list. She shared how she wrote 100 articles a few years ago and how this has impacted her online business. She took that […]

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The Productivity Challenge Continues …

I love Monday mornings! That wasn’t always the case, back in my office days, Monday was my least favorite day of the week. But since I started doing what I love and created a business around it, Mondays are my favorite. I get a chance to plan what I’ll get accomplished this week and start […]

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Internet Marketing Challenge Week 2 Results

It’s Saturday morning and time for me to share the results of how I did with my to-do list for the week. Here we go: Email my IM lists about Angela’s fantastic Gimp Training. – DONE Write 3 to 4 articles – DONE Submit them via ““ – Got only one submitted :( Repurpose them […]

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Internet Marketing Challenge – Week Two

It’s Monday morning and time for another week of the Internet Marketing Challenge with Peggy from to see how much we can get done before heading to Atlanta in February for NAMS 7. Here’s my list of things I’d like to get done this week. It’ll be a bit of a challenge since this […]

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Targeted Guest Blogging and A Challenge Update

It’s Friday and time for an update on how I did with the goals I set for myself on Monday. But first I want to answer the question Peggy Baron asked as part of our Cross Blog Conversation. “Susanne, how do you target WHO you want to write guest posts for? What’s your criteria for […]

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Blog Commenting And Regular Blogging – Content Marketing Challenge Update

It’s time for a quick update on the 2010 Content Marketing Challenge that I am participating in. You may remember my previous post on free ways to increase website traffic. I shared what kinds of traffic I was getting to my blog at that point. Today I want to give you a quick update on […]

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Online Article Writing Challenge – 100 Articles in 100 Days

My six-year-old shared with me this morning that there were exactly 100 days left in 2009. I poured another cup of coffee and sat there pondering what I wanted to get accomplished this year and specifically what I could do in those 100 days to really move things forward.

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Content Challenge Update

It’s about time I gave you a quick update on the Web Content Challenge I’m participating in for 90 days. I’ve been pretty good at creating regular content on the blog, leaving comments (my goal is 10 per week), and writing and submitting articles. Unfortunately the editors at are taking their time approving them […]


Web Content Challenge – Will You Join Me?

Trish from set up an interesting 90 Day Content Marketing Challenge. Since Affiliate Treasure Chest is a brand new site, this is the perfect opportunity for another case study. At the moment this blog has just a few posts, hasn’t been indexed in google with the new content and there are no links pointing […]

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