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Only My Family and Paris Could Keep Me From NAMS

Edited – I wrote most of this blog post while I was staying with my family in Germany and didn’t get a chance to finish it before we left. NAMS 8 just wrapped up in Atlanta and I missed it. There are only handful of things that could keep me from attending my favorite Internet […]

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Happy Independence Day

David Perdew asked me to record a short, 10 minute audio message on what independence means to me. It will become part of his Celebrating Independence series. I haven’t had a chance to record the audio yet, but I have spent some time thinking about this and am getting ready to jot down some notes […]

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Some Thoughts On Kindle Publishing

Fair warning … I’m writing today’s blog post more for myself than for you. Please excuse the indulgence, but hopefully you’ll be able to get something out of it as well. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Kindle publishing over the past six months or so. I have owned a kindle for well […]

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Setting Goals – Starting With The End In Mind

I love this time of the year. We’re getting closer to New Year’s Eve and it’s time to put some thought into what we want to accomplish in 2012. I’ve been pretty lazy work-wise during the weeks leading up to Christmas and it’s time to dig back in and make some progress. How about you? […]

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I Used To Be A Virtual Administrative Assistant

Did I ever mention that I used to be a virtual administrative assistant? I started doing a little extra writing, email and technical support on the side as I was building my own online business. Offering your services online is an excellent way to get started earning money on the Internet and for me it […]

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And The Winners Are…

A week ago Friday I shared a great report on using PLR and challenged you to use something from the report and implement. As a little “extra motivation” I promised to give away some prizes for action takers.You can read the original blog post “Why Use PLR On Your Blog” here (and grab the free […]

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This Is Why I’m In This Business …

When you think about living the internet marketing lifestyle you probably have mental images of beaches, big mansions and expensive cars in you head. Sure, that stuff is nice, but it’s not the reason why I am in business. For me, it’s all about having time for my family and being there for them when […]

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Read A Book Lately?

I’ve been out sick the past few days (which explains the lack of new posts). I’ve been spending a lot of time laying in bed, napping and reading. And last night I had a thought … Let me back up for a minute. At a recent Internet Marketing conference (NAMS 6), I heard Terry Dean […]

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Email Conversion Rate – Customers Vs. Subscribers

I recently shared some numbers about the email conversion rate for a solo email message I sent to two of my lists. The email message was the exact same, the offer I was emailing about was the same, and I sent them at the same time, yet one converted at 2% while the other converted […]

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Getting Back The Swing Of Things

It’s been awfully quiet on this blog the past few weeks, hasn’t it?  I got busy with a few other projects that you’ll be hearing about in the coming days and weeks and then had family visit with us over Spring Break. And here’s the weird thing about not blogging for a few days… It […]

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