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Simple Blogging SEO For WordPress Users – Friday Freebie

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while it comes as no surprise to you that I’m a big fan of WordPress. I use it to run almost all my various niche sites and blogs. By doing a few simple things right when I set these sites up and as I publish content to […]

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Yahoo Site Explorer Is Gone

Yahoo has been threatening for about 2 years now that they will close down the Yahoo Site Explorer tool. Well… it finally happened a couple of days ago (November 21th). A big thank you to one of my Easy Link Love students for pointing that out. In fact the first lesson in that course is […]


Advanced Google Search for Index – Are Your Webpages Getting Indexed?

I’ve been doing some link building lately and noticed that some of the pages that had a link back to my site were not indexed in Google. This means that the link back to my site didn’t count. I sat down and did a little research on using the advanced Google search to find out […]

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10 Easy SEO Tips You Can Implement Right Away

In my niche sites, targeted SEO traffic sends me some of the best converting visitors to my sites. It usually works like this: Step 1 – Visitor has a problem and “googles” it. Step 2 – He arrives at my site where I share some good information on how to solve his problem. I then […]

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Don’t Ask Me How To Do Google Adwords

Every time one of those offers for $100 in Google Adwords cash shows up in the mail (which is a few times per month), my husband tells me that we really ought to start sending traffic to our sites via PPC (Pay Per Click). My reply every single time is that he’s welcome to try […]

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Optimizing Older Blog Posts

We’ve been talking quite a bit lately about improving what’s already working on our website. I showed you how to install and use Google Analytics, how to find out where your traffic is coming from (and more importantly how to get more of it) and how to get more traffic from keywords. Today I want […]

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How To Use Keywords To Increase Rankings And Traffic

It’s always easier to improve upon or do more of what’s already working when it comes to your website. Thus we are talking about different things we can do to get more traffic, more subscribers and make more sales just by making a few tweaks to what’s already sending them to us. Yesterday we talked […]

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Google Analytics And Your Website

Over the next few posts, I want to share some different ways to improve what you are doing already to get more traffic, more subscribers, and more affiliate sales. Today we’ll start by taking track of what’s happening on our sites. The best way to do just that is to set up a Google Analytics […]

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Targeted Link Popularity

Link building isn’t just about getting as many links as possible and by any means available. Sure, you’ll see a bit of extra traffic and possible even rank for the occasional keyword, but you won’t see the results you will if you do it in a more strategic way. That’s where targeted link popularity comes […]

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Backlink Page Rank – Here’s What You Need To Know

One of the questions that keeps coming up whenever I teach a link building class or give a presentation on the topic is page rank. There is a lot of confusion on what backlink page rank is, what you should look at and how important it is. Here’s what you need to know about it. […]

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