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Why Register A Domain Name To Promote An Affiliate Product?

It occurred to me while I was walking up to my daughter’s school to pick her up that I never really explained why I suggested you register a domain for the clickbank ebook you chose to promote. There are two main reasons and a little sneaky one…

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Affiliate Marketing Beginnings – Don’t Get Overwhelmed

I’ve just spent a good bit of my Sunday doing laundry and dishes. Either one of these chores just never seems to end around here. I have yet to see a day where there isn’t a stack of dirty laundry to be washed or a pile of clean laundry piled up on the living room […]

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Simple Strategy For Affiliate Commissions Part Two

Ready for part two? If you’ve missed the first part of this Simple Strategy for Affiliate Commissions be sure to go back and read it. To quickly recap, yesterday we chose a clickbank product to promote, started to do a little keyword research to make sure it’s a viable product and registered a domain that […]

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Simple Strategy For Making Affiliate Commissions

I thought we’d start this blog off with a case study. Here’s the plan. 1) I’ll share the overall strategy with you. 2) I’ll walk you through an actual example 3) I’ll come back to this case study regularly to share my results. The Strategy This is a pretty simple way to start making affiliate […]

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Soo… I’ve been playing with the idea for this blog for quite some time now and here I sit in front of a blank screen and can’t decide how to start. Go figure!!! I guess I could start by introducing myself and letting you know what I do and what my plans are for this […]

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