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Long Tail vs. Short Tail Keywords – What To Use When and Where

Before we move into reviews of the various free and paid keyword research tools I use, I thought we should talk about the difference between long tail and short tail keywords. The graphic on the left gives you a pretty good idea of how this works, but let’s look at an example as well. In […]


What Is Keyword Research And Why Bother?

All the great content you’re writing isn’t going to do you any good if no one finds it. How will they find it? That’s what we’re going to be talking about over the next few weeks. Your first step is to do your homework a.k.a Keyword Research. Let’s talk about this a bit for the […]


Building A Relationship With Your Readers Will Increase Affiliate Commissions

How would you like to make more sales and thus more (and even higher) affiliate commissions? Yep…thought so. Me too. That’s why I thought I’d share one of my best strategies with you today. It is building TRUST and we earn that trust by building a relationship with our readers. T = Tell Tell your […]

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Niche Business Ideas – Introducing Affilite Niche Packs

It’s been a little quiet here on Affiliate Treasure Chest, hasn’t it? No, I didn’t go goof off all week, I’ve actually been hard at work (I’ll goof off next week :) ) What I have been doing is what I love to do – doing research on a few affiliate niches. I constantly come […]

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