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Tips For Growing Your Twitter Following

I’ve spend the past few days days talking (or better writing) about marketing with twitter. Today, I happen to be sitting in a Hotel room in Wilmington, NC (for Bob The Teacher’s Simple Conference) with two of my best friends, both of whom are really good at getting twitter followers. In addition to my own […]

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Using Twitter In Your Blog and Vice Versa

Yesterday I mentioned how I use twitter in combination with article marketing. Today I want to share a few ways I use twitter in my blog and my blog in my twitter stream. To begin with, almost everything I talked about yesterday about using twitter in combination with your Ezinearticle account, applies to your blogging […]

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Twitter And – Get Your Content Noticed

I started talking about how to market with twitter yesterday and thought I’d share one of the ways I use twitter to help get the word out about my content. I mentioned before on this blog that I do a good bit of article marketing. One of the places I submit articles to on a […]

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Twitter As A Marketing Tool For Affiliates – Does It Work?

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with twitter. It’s fun and a great way to connect with some of my online friends, keep up with current topics and build new relationships. At the same time, it can be quite the time sucker and I’ve had days where I spent way too much time […]

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How Do I Backup My Computer and Other Online Business Saftey Advice

My online business almost suffered a major setback this past week. If you follow me on twitter ( ) you know I’m working on another short report and I also tend to write a lot of my blog posts, articles etc in Word and save them on my main laptop. It’s a little over […]

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Brainstorming Content Ideas For Any Niche

Let’s talk about content today. By now you hopefully have picked a niche, and you may already have a website up and running and you are ready to get some great content on there. In case you’re not sold yet on the whole content and in particular “free content” idea, let me share with you […]

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How To Find Affiliate Products For Your Niche

We are talking this week about niche marketing. So far we’ve covered ideas to come up with niches, how to set up a niche site and determining your target market. I’ve also shared the various techniques I use to determine if a niche will be profitable in this short report. Now it’s time to figure […]

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Do You Know Your Target Market?

Since we’re mostly talking about niche marketing this week, you my be wondering what your target market has to do with this… it’s simple. It is the various prospects and customers you are ideally trying to reach in your particular Niche. When I first started out in affiliate marketing, I wanted to reach out to […]

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Setting Up A New Niche Website Step By Step

Yesterday we talked about ways to come up with some good niche ideas. I hope you’ve also had a chance to check out my report on finding hot and profitable niches. Today is all about setting up a new niche website. Here are the different steps I go through. Feel free to use them as […]

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Best Niche Markets – 3 Ways To Come Up With Ideas

This week we will talk a lot about niche marketing. Let’s start at the beginning. A niche is simply a tightly focused subset of a market which makes it perfect for affiliate marketing. Instead of going after a huge market like fitness and working out,  my friend Scott is focusing on a niche market of […]

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