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Back Link Building – 3 Simple Ways To Get Started

So you know you need to start getting some back links into your site. It will help send visitors to your site directly and gets you better rankings in the search engines over time. Let’s talk about what you can do to get started with back link building. Before You Start Before you go out […]

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Balancing Content Creation And Link Building

Yesterday we talked about how to post blog content on a regular basis, today I want to talk to you about how to create a balance between creating fresh content (as in writing new blog posts etc.) and building links to that new content. In a perfect world I would use the 20/80 rule. I […]

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How To Post Blog Content On A Regular Basis

I am sure you’ve noticed that this blog has tended to go through some periods of high activity (I’m blogging a lot – often daily) and then periods of almost complete silence – which isn’t a good thing. That’s what got me to thinking about how to post blog content on a regular basis and […]

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Become A Better Marketer in 60 Seconds A Day

I woke up this morning to a nice little surprise… my picture, tip and most importantly link were at the top of a post on The Toilet Entrepreneur blog. If you are not familiar with Mike Michalowicz, he is a serial entrepreneur and author of the book The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (available on, and […]

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Sub Niche Marketing – Why It May Just Be Your Ticket To Affiliate Success

Yesterday as I as walking to pick my daughter up from school, I noticed that a former colleague of my husband’s was working in the yard of a neighbor up the street. Bill had stopped working retail and opened a landscaping business, but not just any old landscaping business. You see, Bill has been passionate […]

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Daily Tasks For Affiliate Marketers

The big secret to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is to do a few tasks regularly to build your site, build your presence, grow your list and get more traffic. Let me share a few things with you that I work on regularly to grow my affiliate income. Adding Content To My Sites My first […]

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Is It Time To Create Your First Own Product?

I just got back from an extended vacation with my family. It’s so nice to step back and recharge every once in a while. Thanks to my affiliate and other online income both my husband and I were able to take a week off and rent a beautiful house right on the beach. We flew […]

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