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Build A Niche Website This Weekend

You’re probably already busy preparing for Thanksgiving, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. How would you like to set up a new niche website this weekend that has huge profit potential? I’m talking about the Weightloss and Fitness Industry. Think about this for a moment… in a few short weeks we’ll all make New […]

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HTML Meta Redirect For Affiliate Links

We’ve talked in the past about why it is a good idea to redirect your affiliate links. They look prettier and trustworthier and it makes it harder for someone to steal your affiliate commission if you redirect your links. One easy way to do this is via HTML Meta Redirects. Here’s how to do it. […]

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How To Register A Domain With Website Forwarding

I have quite a few domains registered that are then forwarded somewhere else. There are two big reasons why I’m doing this. Reason #1 To For Forwarding A Domain If I own a website and there is a common misspelling, or I want to get an additional .net, .org, .info etc. domain extension, I’ll often […]

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Ebook – How To Install A WordPress Blog

You know I’m a big fan of using WordPress to run most of my blogs and websites including this one and I often recommend you do the same. That’s why I thought it was about time I sat down and came up with a guide that makes it easy to install your first WordPress Blog. […]

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Buy PLR Articles and Put Them To Work For You

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that I use quite a bit of PLR in my various niche sites and am a big fan. I also include plenty of PLR recommendations in each of my affiliate niche packs at Most of us will add the PLR articles […]

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Targeted Link Popularity

Link building isn’t just about getting as many links as possible and by any means available. Sure, you’ll see a bit of extra traffic and possible even rank for the occasional keyword, but you won’t see the results you will if you do it in a more strategic way. That’s where targeted link popularity comes […]

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Backlink Page Rank – Here’s What You Need To Know

One of the questions that keeps coming up whenever I teach a link building class or give a presentation on the topic is page rank. There is a lot of confusion on what backlink page rank is, what you should look at and how important it is. Here’s what you need to know about it. […]

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Increased Online Traffic in 30 Minutes Per Day

One of the first things most of my coaching clients ask about is “How can I get more Traffic to my Website?”. It’s a great question and let’s face it… increased online traffic will almost always lead to more profits. It allows you to build your lists faster, test faster and of course sell more […]

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