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30 Day Email Marketing Challenge

I was checking my email this morning and came across this one from Alice Seba from  It’s a great email by the way and going into my swipe file. But that’s not what this post is about. Here’s the email: Hello Susanne, Sooooo…last week, I promised we’d have an announcement today. We’ve been cooking […]

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How To Get Traffic To My Blog

As you know I always welcome questions about anything affiliate and internet marketing related here on This morning I got a great question from Catherine who has a new blog that doesn’t get a lot of traffic yet. She asks: I would like to know how to drive traffic to my blog. I do […]


Building Your List With PLR

We’ve been talking about using PLR in our affiliate businesses this week. One of my favorite things to do is to use it to build my list. Here’s how. Step One: Grab a PLR article pack from Step Two: Turn them into a short report that’s branded with your name, your url and contains […]

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Using PLR In Your Affiliate Niche Sites

After yesterday’s blog post about buying and using PLR articles, one reader asked me if it was ok to use PLR on her affiliate niche sites. Great question and the short answer is yes, it is definitely a great idea. Benefits Of Using PLR on Niche Sites I have quite a few little niche sites […]

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Buy PLR Articles And Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Today I want to share my favorite strategies for using PLR articles with you. I buy plr articles  in my various niche sites (and even for the affiliate and internet marketing niche) but you may be surprised in exactly how I use them to “get the most bank for my buck”. In case your wondering, now […]


Optimizing Older Blog Posts

We’ve been talking quite a bit lately about improving what’s already working on our website. I showed you how to install and use Google Analytics, how to find out where your traffic is coming from (and more importantly how to get more of it) and how to get more traffic from keywords. Today I want […]

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How To Use Keywords To Increase Rankings And Traffic

It’s always easier to improve upon or do more of what’s already working when it comes to your website. Thus we are talking about different things we can do to get more traffic, more subscribers and make more sales just by making a few tweaks to what’s already sending them to us. Yesterday we talked […]

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