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Getting Better Click Through Rates In Your Author Resource Boxes

One of the traffic boosting strategies I talk about in my Affiliate Shortcut – Traffic report is article marketing and my unique tweaks on this popular way to get free traffic. The following is a short section of the report about getting better click through rates in your author resource boxes. Start by logging into […]

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10 Easy SEO Tips You Can Implement Right Away

In my niche sites, targeted SEO traffic sends me some of the best converting visitors to my sites. It usually works like this: Step 1 – Visitor has a problem and “googles” it. Step 2 – He arrives at my site where I share some good information on how to solve his problem. I then […]

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Don’t Ask Me How To Do Google Adwords

Every time one of those offers for $100 in Google Adwords cash shows up in the mail (which is a few times per month), my husband tells me that we really ought to start sending traffic to our sites via PPC (Pay Per Click). My reply every single time is that he’s welcome to try […]

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Twitter For Business Tips

Tweet, tweet … I have come across a couple of different little twitter for business tips in the past day or so and thought I’d share. They are just simple things you can do start implementing right away. Hootsuite I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with twitter and facebook. I use […]

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Gaining Momentum With Your Online Business

Yesterday we talked quite a bit about productivity, today I want briefly touch on the momentum you will gain in your online business when you are productive on a regular basis. I’ve had this on my mind quite a bit lately and am holding a NAMS Deep Dive presentation on the topic tonight. I’ll be […]

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How Can I Be More Productive?

I just got up from an early afternoon nap and had a revelation … these past two weeks have been some of the most productive so far this year, yet at the same time, I’ve spent less time than usual sitting in front of the computer. We spent a long weekend at the beach, where […]

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How To Turn Articles Into Free Reports

One of the questions I hear quite a bit both from my readers here and on various Internet marketing forums is how to create free reports. One of the first pieces of advice you get as an affiliate or internet marketer is to build your list. The next piece of advice is usually that you […]

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Email Conversion Rate – Customers Vs. Subscribers

I recently shared some numbers about the email conversion rate for a solo email message I sent to two of my lists. The email message was the exact same, the offer I was emailing about was the same, and I sent them at the same time, yet one converted at 2% while the other converted […]

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Two Important Business Lessons I Learned Today

It’s been another crazy, hectic day around here, dealing with the tree that fell on our house and trying to take care of business in between. I’m worn out and tired, so this will be rather short. I picked up two important business lessons today and wanted to jot them down quickly for my benefit […]

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This Is Why I Love Internet Marketing …

Yesterday was a super productive day. I got a few different little projects wrapped up, blogged on several of my niche sites and launched a new product. (If you’re on one my lists, you probably got an email about it). Fast forward  a couple of hours later …. We woke up to some really bad […]

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