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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing – Friday Freebie

I can’t believe it’s Friday already and time for another Friday Freebie. On Wednesday, my good friend Nicole jumped in and wrote a guest blog post where she answered my blogging questions. Today, my good friends Lynn Terry and David Perdew saved the day with an excellent interview report on getting started with affiliate marketing. […]

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Blogging Questions Answered

Hi Everyone! While Susanne is attending her grandfather’s funeral and taking care of things with her family, I’m here to help keep her blog active (as she’s done for me in the past when I’ve needed her to). Why the heck am I? Good question. I’m Susanne’s friend, Nicole Dean. We’ve been mastermind partners since […]


And The Winners Are…

A week ago Friday I shared a great report on using PLR and challenged you to use something from the report and implement. As a little “extra motivation” I promised to give away some prizes for action takers.You can read the original blog post “Why Use PLR On Your Blog” here (and grab the free […]

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This Is Why I’m In This Business …

When you think about living the internet marketing lifestyle you probably have mental images of beaches, big mansions and expensive cars in you head. Sure, that stuff is nice, but it’s not the reason why I am in business. For me, it’s all about having time for my family and being there for them when […]

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Read A Book Lately?

I’ve been out sick the past few days (which explains the lack of new posts). I’ve been spending a lot of time laying in bed, napping and reading. And last night I had a thought … Let me back up for a minute. At a recent Internet Marketing conference (NAMS 6), I heard Terry Dean […]

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Interview With Melissa Ingold – Friday Freebie

It’s Friday evening and I’m about to call it quits and spend some time playing video games with the family. So I’ll make this short and sweet. Two of my favorite online marketers, Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold got together a while back and chatted about all things Internet Marketing. The following short report is […]

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Creating A To-Do List When You’re not Sure What You Should Be Working On

Good morning. I had a dilemma this morning. I’m usually pretty good at writing my to-do lists at night and it usually flows pretty well from whatever I was working on that day. Yesterday afternoon I wasn’t feeling all that great again and took a nap. After that I never really went back to working […]

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Thursday’s To-Do List

Thanks so much for all the well wishes yesterday. I’m feeling better today and am hoping to catch up on some work. I don’t think I’ll be up to my usual productivity, but am planning to get at least some stuff done. For now, here’s the plan: Finish this week’s Daily Affiliate Tasks Lesson. Outline […]

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Short To-Do List On A Sick Day

Or how to run your online business when you’re under the weather. Woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, headache and just not feeling to great over all. With it my to-do list got shortened to the bare essentials. I thought I’d still share what I’ll do with you, even though […]

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Another Day, Another To-Do List …

I woke up this morning, got some coffee and turned on my computer to take a quick look at email while my daughter was getting ready for school. To my surprise, I had quite a few extra “You’ve made a sale” email notifications for different affiliate products across multiple niches. What a wonderful thing to […]

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