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Article Marketing Shortcut – Repurpose It

Article marketing is a great way to get traffic to your site and show off your expertise. But writing article after article can be time-consuming and tiring. The good news is that you can write articles quickly from something that didn’t start out as an article. In other words, start by taking material you already […]

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Setting Up Goals and Funnles With Google Analytics – Friday Freebie

Yes I realize today is Saturday, but I didn’t feel like working much yesterday (still in a post thanksgiving turkey coma). Even though it’s a day late, I think you’ll enjoy this week’s free report. It’s all about setting up goals and funnels in Google Analytics. Google Analytics Tips (PDF) Find out how easy it […]

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Yahoo Site Explorer Is Gone

Yahoo has been threatening for about 2 years now that they will close down the Yahoo Site Explorer tool. Well… it finally happened a couple of days ago (November 21th). A big thank you to one of my Easy Link Love students for pointing that out. In fact the first lesson in that course is […]


I Used To Be A Virtual Administrative Assistant

Did I ever mention that I used to be a virtual administrative assistant? I started doing a little extra writing, email and technical support on the side as I was building my own online business. Offering your services online is an excellent way to get started earning money on the Internet and for me it […]

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The Best Social Bookmarking Sites To Get Traffic – Friday Freebie

It’s Friday and I have another free report for you. This week, we’re looking at social bookmarking sites and how you can use them to get more traffic to your own website or blog. This is simple, beginner stuff… but a good refresher for us “advanced marketers” as well. I know I don’t always do […]

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Blogging Action Guide – Friday Freebie

Hello and Happy Friday! Today also happens to be 11/11/11 (love that date) … which has absolutely nothing to do with this blog post. Oh well… moving on :) It’s time for another fun Friday Freebie and this week it’s a short report for you about blogging. I put together some of my best blogging […]

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Backend Sales – The Secret To My Success?

One thing we haven’t talked about much is bakend sales. I make quite a bit of money each month by recommending affiliate products (and a few of my own products) to existing customers. Let’s start with one of the obvious reasons why you want to set up a sales funnel that includes both your own […]

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3 Affiliate Marketing Models… Mix and Match For Best Results

Yesterday we talked about super affiliates and I introduced you to two of my favorites. I know both of them personally and I can tell you that they were not born super affiliates. They stumbled across this business model of affiliate marketing, also known as revenue sharing, as a way to earn money online. Today […]

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Becoming A Super Affiliate – Do You Have What It Takes?

Super Affiliates are the big players in our industry. They are the ones that make the big cash and win tons of cool prizes in affiliate contests. They are what we all strive to become eventually. What makes them different? Today I want to introduce you to two of my favorite Super Affiliates: Nicole Dean […]

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How I Overcame Writer’s Block

I’m feeling like a kid on Christmas morning right now and I’d love to share with you what’s gotten me feeling this way. But let me back up for a second here. Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling a little blah about my blog and haven’t gotten much done in terms of guest […]

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