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Projects And To-Do Lists For 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve! Yesterday I blogged quite a bit about my goals for the new year and how I came up with those goals in the first place. Today I want to show you how to go from a list of goals to making a plan for the the year. The biggest secret to […]

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Setting Goals – Starting With The End In Mind

I love this time of the year. We’re getting closer to New Year’s Eve and it’s time to put some thought into what we want to accomplish in 2012. I’ve been pretty lazy work-wise during the weeks leading up to Christmas and it’s time to dig back in and make some progress. How about you? […]

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Incorporating Passive Income Into Things You’re Already Doing

One of the beautiful things about passive income is that there are a lot of things you can incorporate into what you’re already doing… and make them more profitable. I’ll share a few things with you that I’m doing right now. Thank You and Download Pages Start by making a list of any thank you […]

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Thinking Ahead For 2012 – New Streams Of Passive Income

2011 is coming to a close and I’m starting to think ahead to next year and some of the things I’d like to accomplish in my online business. We’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach this year and are in the process of buying a little weekend house down there. That means […]

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How To Make Blogging Easier – Freebie Friday

Happy Friday! I have two great videos for your today by my friend Nicole Dean from Blog CPR. She shared two different ways with you that make blogging easier. Reuse Your Posts Use A Blogging Calendar Take a moment to watch them both right now and then see how you can implement this […]

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Affiliate Marketing Lessons Learned From The Medici

I was watching a PBS series on the Medici Family on Netflix today and was surprised to find that there was quite a few business lesson hidden in there that can be applied to Affiliate Marketing. What struck me most about this medieval family, was their start from very humble beginnings. They started out as […]

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