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My “Things To Do” List for this Week

This is the last full week before I’m heading to NAMS and I’m going to make it another productive one. Want to join me? This is also the last week of my productivity challenge and cross blog conversation with Peggy. Don’t forget to head on over to to see how she’s doing and what […]

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Here’s How My Week Went – Productivity Challenge Results

It’s Saturday morning and time for an update on how I did this week. Overall, I’m very happy with the results and can’t wait for next week. Write 10 guest blog posts. DONE (I ended up writing 12 and am working on a few more this weekend). Get those posts submitted. MOSTLY DONE Promote any […]

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Set It And Forget It Part Two – Friday Freebie

Last week I shared a short report with you on creating passive income from niche websites. In case you missed it, you can read the post and download the report here: Creating Niche Websites For Passive Income Today I have part two of the report for you. In it we’ll cover list building, monetization and […]

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Some Thoughts On Kindle Publishing

Fair warning … I’m writing today’s blog post more for myself than for you. Please excuse the indulgence, but hopefully you’ll be able to get something out of it as well. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on Kindle publishing over the past six months or so. I have owned a kindle for well […]

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The Productivity Challenge Continues …

I love Monday mornings! That wasn’t always the case, back in my office days, Monday was my least favorite day of the week. But since I started doing what I love and created a business around it, Mondays are my favorite. I get a chance to plan what I’ll get accomplished this week and start […]

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Internet Marketing Challenge Week 2 Results

It’s Saturday morning and time for me to share the results of how I did with my to-do list for the week. Here we go: Email my IM lists about Angela’s fantastic Gimp Training. – DONE Write 3 to 4 articles – DONE Submit them via ““ – Got only one submitted :( Repurpose them […]

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Creating Niche Websites For Passive Income – Friday Freebie

I started working on a short report this week about niche websites that you can set up, promote and then just about forget about, yet they will continue to bring in passive income month after month. Today I want to share the first part of this report with you. It covers choosing a niche, doing […]

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Podcasting Made Easy With

As part of our Internet Marketing Challenge to get lots of work done before heading to NAMS in a couple of weeks, Peggy Baron asked me: Susanne, I know you just started using Cinch. Could you tell me more about it? I’d like to know how you decide what topics to talk about and record, […]

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Internet Marketing Challenge – Week Two

It’s Monday morning and time for another week of the Internet Marketing Challenge with Peggy from to see how much we can get done before heading to Atlanta in February for NAMS 7. Here’s my list of things I’d like to get done this week. It’ll be a bit of a challenge since this […]

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Targeted Guest Blogging and A Challenge Update

It’s Friday and time for an update on how I did with the goals I set for myself on Monday. But first I want to answer the question Peggy Baron asked as part of our Cross Blog Conversation. “Susanne, how do you target WHO you want to write guest posts for? What’s your criteria for […]

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