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Email List Building Top Tips

It’s been a while since we talked about list building here on Affiliate Treasure Chest. To be honest, it’s something I’ve been neglecting a bit across the board on my niche sites. It’s so easy to focus on other things like getting more traffic or making more sales. But here’s the thing … email marketing […]

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Content Marketing – Friday Freebie Report

It’s Friday and time for another freebie report. This week it’s all about content marketing. My main focus in my online businesses is to share great content and monetize it along the way. Content can send you free traffic, attract targeted visitors to your site, show off your expertise and help you start building a […]

Friday Freebie

Do You Use A Pen Name?

I get a lot of questions about pen names from readers and it came up quite a few times at NAMS as well. Looking through the blog, I realized it’s something I never really talked about and figured it’s about time to write a post about using pen names.  A pen name is a name […]

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Why I purchase PLR Articles On A Regular Basis

I’ve mentioned PLR  or Private Label Rights articles here a few times. I consider myself a content marketer which means that I spend my working hours creating lots of great content that’s published on my blogs, in articles, guest posts, podcasts and short reports. I’m monetizing my content by recommending affiliate products along with my […]

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Five Ways To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Site – Friday Freebie

Happy Friday … it’s time for another free report and I think you’re going to like this one. Last week I shared a little project I’m working on that involved 5 guest blog posts and a short report. This is the report I promised. It’s just 20 pages long, but they are filled to the […]

Friday Freebie
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My Big “A-Ha” Moment From NAMS 7

Yesterday I shared some thoughts and pictures from NAMS 7 with you. I also mentioned that each time I attend I have at least one big “A-Ha” moment. This go around it was in my friend Lain Ehmann’s session. As part of a second session on video marketing, I recorded a short little video clip […]

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Back From NAMS and Ready To Get To Work

It’s been a little quiet the past few days here at ATC. I had big plans to blog throughout the NAMS conference, but ended up being to busy learning and teaching. I got back on Monday and ended up catching up on some much needed sleep and rest yesterday (not to mention laundry). What Is […]

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The “Get More Targeted Traffic” Project

This past week I came up with a fun little project to drive more targeted traffic to my site and that of 5 other bloggers in my industry via guest blogging. You know I did a lot of guest blogging all through January and with that on my mind, I was constantly thinking of ways […]

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Productivity Challenge Results For This Past Week

As usual I was working until late Friday to get as much as possible accomplished on my to-do list. I also drove down to the beach were we’re moving stuff from a little house we rented for the past year to the one we bought in December. (Which means I’m going to make this quick). […]

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How To Make Money With Your Blog – Friday Freebie

It’s Friday and time for another freebie. Today also happens to be the Birthday of one of my best friends – Nicole Dean from and’s why I decided to share one of her reports with you. It’s about making money with your blog. Nicole got 3 big bloggers (including me :) ) to […]

Friday Freebie